United Stages’ Upcoming Celebration at Barnes and Noble, November 23, 3-5 p.m.

October 20, 2008

Maverick playwright Derek Ahonen’s Hey you Monster, part one and two will be read along with over a dozen new plays at B&N. Photo by James Kautz

“We love The Drama Book Shop!” said Ian Marshall, co-founder of United Stages. “But we’ve outgrown their small theater. Last year people had to listen to the actors crammed into the hallway and up the stairs. We needed more space this year to celebrate the publication of our new script titles. So Bart Greenberg, events coordinator for Barnes and Noble at Lincoln Center, invited us to use their larger events area and we’re excited about the larger venue.”

US editor-in-chief Jonathan Reuning thinks that this season is strong for both long- and short-form plays. “We’ve chosen lots of ‘bests ofs’ to publish this season: the best of Emerging Artists Theatre Company’s EATfest plays and best of En Avant Playwrights—because they run the gamut of what short plays can accomplish, from the absurd and hilarious to the touching and profound.” Derek Ahonen’s Hey You Monster part one and two and Sarah Hollister’s Sisters’ Dance are the two full lengths being read at the event. “Derek is so original and has a refined sense of dramatic logic. Every scene provides a gentle and pleasing surprise. He also has a perfect ear; his characterizations are nicely distinct,” says Reuning, “and Sarah uses a more prosaic storytelling tradition to penetrate the inner psyche of her characters. She’s hyper tuned into how the female mind works.”

New York Times writer Steven McElroy will once again host the festivities at Barnes & Noble on November 23rd

Theater maven and New York Times writer Steven McElroy has hosted this event twice before and will once again take the podium November 23rd, from 3 to 5 p.m. United Stages will celebrate its newest script titles with original cast readings of plays from Off-Off/Indie playwrights. Book signing will follow the performances. The event is free to the public.

November 23, from 3 to 5 p.m.
Barnes and Noble, Lincoln Triangle, 1972 Broadway, New York, NY 10023, 212-595-6859

Featured new plays:

  • Derek Ahonen’s Hey You Monster, part one and part two (2 volumes)
  • Sarah Hollister’s Sisters’ Dance
  • Best of EATfest 1,3 & 4 (3 volumes): Mark Lambeck’s Lucky Day, Bekah Brunstetter’s Mom, Stoned, Joe Godfrey’s Clapp Trapp, F.J. Hartland’s Postcards from a Dead Dog, Frank Higgin’s The Questioning, Greg Kalleres’ Forgetting to Remember and Help Thyself, Karen Schiff’s Recoil, Aoise Stratford’s Our Lady of the Sea, Kathleen Warnock’s Some Are People and Chris Widney’s One of the Great Ones.
  • Best of En Avant Playwrights: Ed Valentine’s Women Behind the Bush, Maz Troppe’s How Mona Lisa Got Her Smile, Chance Muehleck’s Tagging April, David Marrero’s Incident Near Chaco, Tom Dillehay’s Blue Glass, Dan Shore’s Travel and Kathleen Warnock’s Not At Home.

Books available late November:

  • Sisters’ Dance, Sarah Hollister, paperback, $11.50, ISBN 9781597830355
  • Hey You Monster, part one, Derek Ahonen, paperback, $11.50, ISBN 9781597830331
  • Hey You Monster part two, Derek Ahonen, paperback, $11.50, ISBN 9781597830348
  • En Avant Playwrights, The best of, various authors, paperback, $11.50, ISBN 9781597830362
  • Eatfest, The Best of, Volume one, various authors, paperback, $11.50, ISBN 9781597830324
  • Eatfest, The Best of, Volume three, various authors, paperback, $11.50, ISBN 9781597830379
  • Eatfest, The Best of, Volume four, various authors, paperback, $11.50, ISBN 9781597830386

About: United Stages publishes original scripts from today’s Off-Off-Broadway/Indie theater scene. US scripts are a smart resource for theater companies looking to present the vanguard of plays and playwrights. For actors they offer fresh material that casting agents and teachers haven’t seen time and again. Our play catalog celebrates the unfolding of NY theater history from Caffe Cino legends to emerging indie stars.