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How to get your playbills:

  1. Download the Order Form
    Click on the link below and save to your computer.
  2. Fill out the order form and e-mail to United Stages
  3. Download the Playbill Workbook
    Click on the link below and save to your computer.
  4. Fill in the workbook with your playbill content and e-mail it, along with your graphics, to United Stages
  5. Pick up your playbills from FringeCentral!

You give us your content, we do the rest!

Did you know?

The United Stages playbill costs two thirds less than an equivalent playbill made by Kinkos, Staples or local copy shops. In addition, United Stages provides what the others don't: free layout, formatting, copyediting, organizational tools, audience club e-blasts, show listings, industry identity and FringeCentral drop-off!

You can join, for free, our audience club ticket discount program and get your show blasted out each week to our 100% opted-in audience club. You may get a glowing review from an audience club member posted on the United Stages website, resulting in even more ticket buyers!

More reviewing publications such as The New York Times are demanding advanced copies of show playbills to determine the quality elements and reviewability of submitted shows. Grant and endowment jurors demand copies of playbills from previous seasons. A United Stages playbill has become an indicator or a company's seriousness and commitment to its audience and performers.

Over 90% of audience members take their playbills home and share them with others. Besides using playbills to look over the calendar listings for other shows to see, and as reading material on the subway, some audience members also use them to hound for autographs.

United Stages is the professional playbill for small venue producers in New York City and across the country. Now well into its eighth year, what started as a service for a few friends has grown into a unifying movement. Today over 140 companies have used United Stages as their playbill company, creating a recognizable industry with a quantifiable commercial presence.