Image Use Policy

This site uses images provided by the users in programs, as advertising, and to provide graphics for the site itself.

Images are uploaded using standard browser technology. Supported image types are .gif, .jpg,. .jpeg, and .png. Other image types can be uploaded, but thumbnails and previews cannot be automatically created. File size is limited to 300KB.

After uploading, the images are automatically rescaled - company logos to 200x200 pixels, headshots to 250x200 pixels. This allows consistency and equality for all our on-line users. Both logos and headshots are retained at original resolution and aspect ratio for use in print.



Images should be a minimum of 75dpi for Internet display. Higher resolution (300dpi) is necessary for printed material. The higher the resolution, the sharper the image and the larger the file. Use a professional graphics authoring package to create your image. At United Stages, we use Creative Suite by Adobe. If you start with a photograph (digital or analog), first crop and then add graphics.

Make sure that the visual impact is not lost after rescaling - logos to 200x200 pixels, headshots to 250x200 pixels.


Please ensure you have the right to use an image before uploading it. If it is a copyrighted work, you cannot upload it here without the author's consent.

Images which contain people who can be identified cannot be used without their consent unless it is in an environment where they have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

It is illegal to upload images of child pornography, details of currency, stamps or other official documents, Nazi symbols (except as part of a historical work), or explicit incitements to violence.

United Stages will not censor your images, but we reserve the right to use our sole discretion in refusing to print anything United Stages deems illegal, libelous, scandalous, improper or infringing upon copyright law.


We recognize that your images are important to you. You may have spent an extraordinary amount of effort perfecting the image. If our policies or technical limitations are interfering with your artistic expression, let us know and we will use our best efforts to solve the problem.